Sagacity vs. Foolishness

February 18, 2007

Sagacity: noun

Sagacious:  adjective

Foolishness: noun

Foolish: adjective


-shrewdness vs. stupid

-soundness of perspective vs. rashness of perspective


-The teacher’s amazing sagacity enabled him to catch every single student that ever attempted to cheat or copy in his class (English 720).

-Carter, a lawyer, possessed a sagacity that noticed every detail of a case, no matter how small, and he was always able to turn everything around to his advantage (English 720).

An undercover cop must have excellent sagacity to accurately judge who he can trust and who he must be careful with.



-Although Will Turner, an Englishman, had made sound judgment all his life, his foolishness to follow a pirate was motivated by his desire to rescue the Governor’s daughter.



-sagire = to perceive keenly

-ity = quality, degree

Synonym Set


{sagacity, judgment, discernment} vs.  {foolishness, unwise, stupidity}


Sagacity is closed related to penetration in the sense that you have the ability to deeply analyze a subject, detect motives, and uncover plans. However, sagacity adds the extra meaning of keen and practical judgment that will allow you to guard against other plots and keep everything to your advantage. A CIA agent or an undercover policewoman would need sagacity to watch out for any secret plans against her (English  720).

Cupidity vs. Concern

February 18, 2007

-greed vs. generous

-strong desire vs. strong undesire


-In the movie, Lord of the Rings, a Gollum’s cupidity for the ring causes him to do drastic, foolish actions.




-However, Aragon’s  concern for money and wealth is not important, rather his concern was for his kingdom and his people.



-Michael Jackson, a famous music artist, had such a strong cupidity to look young that he underwent endless plastic surgeries(english720).


-Bill Gates, a wealthy computer geek, had no strong desire to gain more wealth and totally unconcerned about Wall Street.


-cupid = Roman god of erotic love

-ity = quality, state, degree





Synonym Sets

{covetousness, cupidity, avariciousness} vs. {sympathy, concern, compassion, pity}


Cupidity is a difficult word to find an antonym.  Cupidity is a degree of covetousness  and covetousness is a type of envy.  Envy is a kind of bitterness towards someone’s good fortune. Sympathy is a kind of happiness towards someone’s good fortune. Concern is type of sympathy. So antinomies are not so easily defined.  Plus,  a word may have many senses and that just makes it more difficult.


Don’t let Cupid fool you into thinking that this is a sweet, innocent word. According to legend, if the god Cupid hits you with one of his arrows, you will be transformed into a love hungry maniac. Most cartoons depict this as humorous and cute, but it can also mean a psychotic, ludicrous pursuit of love even if the other person is not interested. Cupidity is often used to refer to serious and negative desire that leads one to do irrational actions(english720).

Paucity vs. Plentiful

February 18, 2007

-smallness of amount vs. great quantity

-fewness in number vs. many in number


-The paucity of time spent on the news about positive, encouraging events is disheartening.

-Going to a smaller school may make the experience more personal, but you will probably also deal with a paucity of classes.


-paucus = little

-ity = quality; degree


Synonym Sets


{scarce, dearth, paucity} vs. {plentiful, abundant, ample, copious}

If you’re familiar with the story “The Prince and the Pauper”, the connection should be apparent. A pauper is one that is very poor economically, or has a paucity of money. A unique aspect of paucity is that it can refer to both amount and number. You will almost always see and use paucity with the preposition “of” in order to define what type of smallness/fewness is being described (English720).


-The paucity of coffee in this cup may mean it’s time for a refill (English720).



-When I stay at my brother’s house, there is a plenty of exotic coffee drinks and creamy desserts after dinner.


What is the opposite of paucity? The answer is plentiful.

What is the difference between plentiful and abundance. It is a matter of degree. Abundance is a quantity over an adequate amount and plentiful is a great quantity over an adequate amount.

Veracity vs. Mendacity

February 18, 2007

Veracity: noun

Veracious: adjective


Mendacity: noun

Mendacious: adjective


-truthfulness vs. falseness

-accuracy vs. inaccuracy

-conformity with truth or fact


-If you have ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you know it can be difficult at times to trust the veracity of his/her stories (English 720).

-It is difficult for a policewoman or policewoman to determine the veracity of a witness, especially if the witness knows the accused person (English 720).



-After many years of listening to her boyfriend’s stories, she knew the she could not believe the mendacity of his stories.

-There is a government department in American, where federal agents spend hours questioning mendacious criminals.




-vera = true

-ity = quality; degree



Use the word structure of veracity to help you understand its essence: the quality of being true. It should not be confused with honesty, which is used to describe something that practices truthfulness or veracity but does not answer the question of if it is true. Since veracity is a noun, it will be used as a trait that something can possess (English 720).

Adding onto English 720, mendacity should not be confused with lying, which again is used to describe the practice of deception and misleading.


Synonym Sets


{truthfulness, veracity} vs. {untruthfulness, mendacity}


What is the opposite of veracity? The answer is mendacity.

Iniquitous vs. Virtuous

February 5, 2007

Iniquity: noun

iniquitous: adjective

-wickedness or sinfulness; gross injustice

-Someone who says, that “he is god” is committing an iniquitous act.

-I have never been able to comprehend the iniquity of rapists and physical abusers.
-It is believed in many religions that a great flood was created by God because the iniquity of mankind had become too great.

Iniquity is fairly synonymous with wickedness, although it does carry a strong sense of harshness versus evilness. Your local witch has wickedness, your local rapist has iniquity. Remember that it is a noun, so it something the subject must have or possess(English720).

virtue: noun 

virtuous: adjective

– An impeccable grammar does not free oneself from sin, but it sure does help when you write.

-Young girls and nuns are virtuous because of their innocence with sex.

Synonym set

{wickedness, iniquitous, immoral} vs. {virtuous, impeccable, chaste}

credulous vs. incredulous

February 5, 2007

credulous (adjective)

credulity (noun)

-readiness to believe, especially with minor or limited evidence

-Every time my friend see one of those fortune tellers on television, his credulity causes him to spend his money and call, just in case the person really can see the future.
-She should be easy to trick with all of her credulity.


-not disposed to believe in, unbelieving

-She was the most incredulous child that I ever met. She didn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, or the Easter Bunny.


-regarded with suspicion, having no faith in or confidence in

-Although her younger sister would be easy to trick with all of her credulity, her older sister was too distrusting to eat catfood.

Picture: Due to his credulity, the child in this picture might believe that the birthday wish will come true (english 720).
Picture: Because of his age, the 10 year old incredulous child did not believe that his birthwish would come true.

Synonyms Sets

{credulous, gullible} vs. {incredulous, distrust}

Alacrity vs. Lethargic

February 5, 2007


-Young children love to run around the house and do things with a lot of alacrity.
-As a manager, I always notice which employees work with the most alacrity, because they are the ones I will consider for promotions. (English 720)

with alacrity


-The lethargic child did not raise his hands during class because of exstrenous exercise at lunch.

– A child with an empty stomach is lethargic and doesn’t participate in class.

lethargic child


-alacer = lively, eager
-ity = quality, degree


-letharg = drowsy, idle


Synonym Sets

{alacrity, eagerness, speed} vs. {lethargic, torpid, sluggish, comatose}


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