credulous vs. incredulous

credulous (adjective)

credulity (noun)

-readiness to believe, especially with minor or limited evidence

-Every time my friend see one of those fortune tellers on television, his credulity causes him to spend his money and call, just in case the person really can see the future.
-She should be easy to trick with all of her credulity.


-not disposed to believe in, unbelieving

-She was the most incredulous child that I ever met. She didn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, or the Easter Bunny.


-regarded with suspicion, having no faith in or confidence in

-Although her younger sister would be easy to trick with all of her credulity, her older sister was too distrusting to eat catfood.

Picture: Due to his credulity, the child in this picture might believe that the birthday wish will come true (english 720).
Picture: Because of his age, the 10 year old incredulous child did not believe that his birthwish would come true.

Synonyms Sets

{credulous, gullible} vs. {incredulous, distrust}


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